About the Faculty

The Department of Aviation is the basic organizational unit of the Air Force Academy. The department consists of: the Department of Airframe and Engine, the Department of Avionics and Control Systems, the Department of Tactics and Armament, the Department of Air Navigation, the Physical Education Unit and the Dean's Office.

Teaching focuses on conducting first and second degree studies in the fields of Aviation and Space and also in the field of Navigation for both military and civilian students. The Department of Aviation also has the right to confer the degree of doctor of technical sciences in the construction and operation of machines. The Department also carries out post-graduate studies related to its specialization mainly suitable for the officers and the training of professional staff for the needs of the Armed Forces. An important role of the Department is the organization and coordination of teaching and education relating to the preparation of military and civilian personnel and shaping appropriate patriotic attitudes.

Faculty staff conduct research on thematic areas relating to the construction and operation of aviation technology, flight navigation, flight safety and the use of combat aviation. Basic research focuses on solving the problems associated with the construction and operation of equipment and systems equipping military aircraft; the use of satellite technology in navigating military aircraft and land-based facilities; construction and operation of military aircraft on the ground and in-flight; the use of airspace by military and civil aviation; the use of armaments and aviation equipment on the modern battlefield. The study is also subject to areas related to aviation psychology, medicine and air-conditioned preparation for candidates for pilots of multi-role aircraft, transport and helicopters.

Department of Aviation is the academic center in the Eastern Poland, educating personnel for the air forces and state aviation complying with the requirements of the modern labour market and international aviation organizations (ICAO, EASA). The main assumptions of educational programs focus on close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence units and the economic environment related to aviation, as well as interdisciplinary programs training graduates mainly for officers' career in the Polish Army.