Course offer

SW4 Puszczyk

The Polish Air Force Academy is a military academy – a public vocational university. Education is provided for military and civilian students at two faculties in the following fields:

  • Aeronautics and Aerospace in the following specialisations: jet aircraft pilot, transport aircraft pilot, helicopter pilot, avionics and aircraft operation,
  • Navigation in the following specialisations: forward air controller, air traffic management, operation of airport navigation infrastructure,
  • National Security in the following specialisations: safety and security of airports, safety management in aviation,
  • Logistics in the following specialisations: air logistics, military logistics, airport service management.

The education of student candidates for professional soldiers (cadets) is only offered in full-time studies, other students are trained both in full-time and extramural studies.

Military courses are designed for professional soldier candidates who, in accordance with military practice, are required to graduate from first degree courses. Graduates are promoted to second lieutenant – a junior commissioned officer rank in the Polish Army Air Corps. The knowledge and skills acquired during the studies ensure the achievement of one of the following professional qualifications: military pilot, military aircraft navigator, forward air controller, air traffic controller. Students in the pilotage specialisation do practical training on different types of aircraft and helicopters, ranging from 180 to 250 flying hours.