The School of Eaglets' hosts a meeting of soldiers from the Visegrad Group countries.

Written by Emilia Cuch

At the invitation of Rector - Commander of the School of Eaglets, Brig. Gen. Pil. Piotr Krawczyk, PhD,  the 19th  meeting of the management staff of the military representative bodies from the Visegrad Group countries was held at the Polish Air Force Academy from 3rd to 6th October this year. These annual meetings are a practical forum for co-operation and exchange of experience about the conditions of service and socio-living problems of professional soldiers. They also serve to deepen knowledge about changes taking place in the armed forces of these countries.

Representatives of the Hungarian Union of Officers, the Slovak Soldiers Association, the Professional Officers Association of the Czech Republic as well as representatives of the Deans Convention of the Professional Officers Corps  -  the organizer of the meeting, which in May 2016 took the rotating chairmanship in this group - participated in the undertaking under the honorary patronage of the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense, Prof. PhD. Wojciech Fałkowski. Besides, representatives of the Lithuanian Center for the Defense of Soldiers' Rights together with members of the Latvian Riflemen Association took part in the meeting as observers.

The leitmotif of this year's meeting was staff training for needs of the armed forces.

The meeting was concluded with the signing of a joint communiqué, which drew attention to the social and economic security of professional soldiers and the stability of their strong representation. It was also emphasized that the willingness to carry out the tasks that stand before the armed forces depends on the education and continuous improvement of their staff. The development of ethical and moral laws that guarantee the right decisions during the most difficult challenges of military service was recognized as an important element of this process.

Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz addressed a letter to participants of the meeting: It is pleasure to play host to  such eminent guests on the Polish soil. You are the best of the best - during the elections you were trusted and respected by military environments. This strong mandate allows you to defend decent service conditions whenever your colleagues need it.

Delegations laid wreaths in front of the Heroic Monument to the Aviators of the Dęblin School of Eaglets and before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw. Representatives of professional soldiers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the didactic base of the school, Engineering - Aviation Training Center of the 41st  Aviation Training Base as well as the history of Polish aviation at the Museum Of the Polish Air Force and the rich tradition of the Warsaw Garrison Command.

The next 20th meeting will be held under the leadership of the Hungarian side.

The cyclical, annual meetings of the management of representative bodies are a forum for cooperation and exchange of information and experience regarding service conditions and socio-occupational problems of professional soldiers. The events serve to deepen knowledge about changes taking place in the armed forces of the Visegrad Group countries. In the period from May 2016 to October 2017 the rotating chairmanship was taken over by the Deans Convention of Professional Officers Corps.