The military students of the Eaglets' School vowed the homeland at Westerplatte.

Written by Emilia Cuch

 I, a soldier of the Polish Army,  swear to serve the Republic of Poland faithfully ... - this is how 654 military students of the Eaglets' School, the Military Academy of Land Forces and the Naval Academy vowed the homeland. It is a joint oath of three military universities, which took place today at Westerplatte, in a historic, for the Polish nation, place. The ceremony took place with the participation of the Representative Company and the Representative Orchestra of the Polish Military Forces.

The military oath is the most important event in the life of every soldier. In it, it is contained the whole essence of military service. It connects a soldier with his homeland and nation, often to the highest sacrifice - the sacrifice of life. Therefore, it was a great experience not only for military students of the 1st year, but also for their families and beloved ones, who came to the ceremony in great numbers.

The ceremony began with a holy mass, celebrated on the parade ground of the Naval Academy. For the oath, sub-departments of cadets moved to Westerplatte by sea, using: ORP "Wodnik" training vessel,  ORP "Arctowski" hydrographic security vessel, as well as transport and mine ORP "Gniezno" and ORP "Krakow". The oath began at 12.00 with the submission of the report by the commander of the ceremony, C 2nd Ltn Bartosz Kucharski, to the commander of the Maritime Operations Center - Marine Component Command, Deputy Admiral dr Stanisław Zarychta.

The banners of the three universities stepped forward to the act of oath, and the oaths to the banner of the Polish Air Force Academy were awarded to cadets: Dominika Oślizok, Piotr Łazarczyk, Dawid Lewandowski and Michał Sidor

After saying the oath rule, the good of the Homeland has become the highest goal for you. The words spoken especially in this place, at Westerplatte are even more important - emphasized Deputy Admiral dr Stanisław Zarychta.

Best wishes to the swearing cadetss were also given by the Rector – Commander of the Naval Academy. He said: Rota oath has only 8 and as many as 8 lines. Every one begins with a meaningful word that should remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

Then, in the name of the swearing officers, the sailor  cadet, Paweł Olszewski, spoke. To all present, and especially to his sworn colleagues, he said: "In 1939, in this place  the most horrendous of wars began. In this place, our Pope John Paul II  said: no more wars, and also that everyone has their own Westerplatte. We take the oath for good and for evil.

The solemn oath was also an excellent opportunity to put first those who obtained the best results during the basic training, and in the case of The Naval Academy, also during the candidate cruise. The distinguished cadets were brought along with their parents.

Rector Commandant of the Polish Air Force Academy  Brigadier General pilot Piotr Krawczyk singled out three cadets: Jakub Hebda, Hubert Chmiel and Piotr Fornal.

The oath was taken today by 122 cadets from the Eaglet's School, 451 from the Military Academy of Land Forces and 81 from the Naval Academy. The oath means for them the beginning of professional military service and the beginning of a long and hard way to obtain officers' ranks.


kmdr por. Wojciech Mundt

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