Secretary of State’s visit

Written by Emilia Cuch

On May 11 2018 the Polish Air Force Academy was visited by the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence, Mr Tomasz Zdzikot and by the Director of the Science and Military Education Department, Mrs Karolina Grenda. The purpose of the visit, was to examine the Eaglets’ School’s infrastructure, its future development prospects and its training and educational facilities.

After being officially welcomed and after making an entry in the commemorative book, the delegation began its visit of the Academy, assisted by Rector Commandant of the Polish Air Force Academy Brigadier General Pilot Piotr Krawczyk, PhD, Deputy Rector Colonel Pilot Krzysztof Cur, PhD and other top faculty members. The guests were shown, among others: the currently modernized sport facilities, the plans for the construction of a new auditorium, a new dormitory and a new hangar. There are also plans for an overhaul of existing buildings, including the Main Library and the Academy Club.

The Commandant also went over one of the most important of the current projects – a major renovation of the airfield in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą, which will soon host practical aviation training exercises, starting on May 14 of the current year.

The Academy’s students are what really forms its potential and it was them, who have shown the Academy’s “heart” – its training facilities, its most important locations, as well as its education process and the everyday functioning of the Eaglets’ Academy. This part of the visit began with a short introduction by a member of the Academy History Club, who described the nearly hundred-year long history of the Academy. Afterwards, 1st year officer cadets have demonstrated a training program used to improve the future pilots’ resistance to disruptions in spatial orientation during flight, using a special workout device.

Students of the transport plane pilot and helicopter pilot specializations have introduced our flight simulators. The delegation has learned about the enormous training potential of the latest generation simulators, which not only allow to conduct some parts of the pilot’s practical training on a simulation device, but also offer a unique opportunity to train for emergency situations – something which cannot be safely accomplished during normal flight. From among our rich assortment of training devices, the “Selekcjoner” flight simulator has garnered the most attention, its F16 module is currently for testing piloting skills. Students majoring in Navigation have described the operation of the Certified Air Traffic Personnel Training.

The next item on the list was a visit in the hangar of the Academic Aviation Training Center, which involved an aircraft presentation and a flight briefing. Next, the guests have visited the 41st Aviation Training Base, where they were shown a flight simulator and a M346 plane.

The visit of the Ministry of National Defense representatives has allowed us to acquaint them with our education process, our training facilities and the Academy’s growth perspectives. The Eaglets’ School is one of the pillars of a comprehensive system of theoretical and practical training of specialized personnel for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.